Weld Hover Series – whs_04

In search of a single machine for TIG and MIG applications? Checkout our WHS which can tack weld, stitch weld and full weld the component. We were able to meet our vision of making the machine user friendly and desirable by providing the user choose his own welding parameters. This system ensures maximizing the productivity, attaining precision and accuracy to a very high extent compared to manned operations.

MIG & TIG applications only

  • 500mm * 500mm * 150mm Volume of weld zone
  • 400mm Vertical Position Diameter circular weld range.
  • 150mm Diameter port weld range.
  • Optional high speed torch rotary for port welding.
  • Tack Weld ; Stitch Weld ; Full Weld Options.
  • Weaver ; Multiple Pass ; Oscillator Options.
  • Repeatability @ +/- 0.09mm ; Positioning Accuracy @ +/- 0.02mm
  • Linear Speed @ 60mm/sec ; Torch Rotary Speed @ 720deg/sec
  • Memory option for multiple programming with Touch UI.
  • Linear ; Circular ; Arc ; Profile & Cam based welding.
  • 10,000 work hours of warranty on dynamic components & motors.

RANGE FROM INR 3,50,000 to 4,25,000 ONLY


  • 100% penetration levels.
  • Successfully tested up to 350bar pressure
  • Maximum level of interface with all machines

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